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Demo2013 Edit WIP

Animation Demo 2013 Shot Breakdown

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The above video is a sequence of shots that I’ve worked on throughout 2011 and 2012. The edit is a work in progress and is here for employers to get a sense of my latest accomplishments.

Here are breakdown of some of the shots that require a little bit of explaining.

Prometheus: The Engineers
The first few shots are from the movie Prometheus and they show my work on the "Holographic Engineers". We used Maya image-planes to copy the motion of actors on set. Key-frame animation was used but the end product still has a motion-capture feel, because we copied each frame from a live actor. One of the greatest challenges of using this process was that not only did they have to match each actor's performance exactly, but we also had to ensure that everything worked in a stereoscopic environment.

Prometheus: David and the Orrery
Due to the character David requiring some light and particle interaction I had to animate a 3D
model of him directly on top of the image-plane using the same process as we had done with the

Prometheus: Probes
I animated a large majority of the probe shots in the movie, controlled the probe with motion paths and keyed the laser direction which had to have a particular behaviour and appearance.

Captain America: The First Avenger
I worked on four similar shots but this is the only shot that made it into the final cut. If you look closely you might notice that the second- and third-last motorbikes are comply CG. I approached this shot by first copying the motion of the available bikes and then offsetting them in space and time.

Thank you for your interest if you would like to now more about my work please contact me by email